Out Of Body


Final possession of your soul, a ”HIT” that takes you into new worlds that surround us daily. They’re unexpected and remain hidden from our waking consciousness. A ”HIT” full of variations of complicated effects!

Gravedigger Blues by Satans Rejects Credit : Gravedigger Blues | By Satans Rejects

Order Out Of Body Hit @ $8.88

Order Out Of Body Hit @ $8.88

  • Juan ayala

    Work for astral projection?

    What the users said from this HIT

    Sorry my english

  • juan ayala

    working for astral proyection?

    • http://sourcesdulibre.ovh Stroggle

      Hi, I’m not the boss, just the dev who replace it temporarely for webmastering.
      For many people binaural beats are a way to do astral projection, so we think Out Of Body it’s THE hit to help astral projection. We tell you if we work on a second HIT about astral projection ;)