Hex-Hit is here for YOU, to grow a tribe of people that really want to have fun in helping create  a new way to

durably enhance your capacities and pleasure !

Nope, it is technology, what we constantly repeat to our Tribe is that this technology is a CEREBRAL TRAINING METHOD, it may need practice ;-) but we spend every minute thinking about you and listening to your comments on how to best please the tribe.

Of course there are side effects, all good ones :-) The more you use our HITs the better will be your sleep, your concentration and your creativity! Ah and no, no bad side effects to report. Totally safe, no addiction ever encountered,

or possible. Just great fun to enjoy!

It actually is the very first most commun comment (try saying it fast ;-p) our users tell us. When they follow the instructions we give, they all come see me in the morning on Skype or write us, and say, ”gee I only had few hours of sleep all week and after listening to the HIT last night I woke up fresh as a rose, full of energy!”

Of course go right ahead, most people get cool effects right on first hearing, but we recommand strongly you listen to the longest HIT, the 64 minute one every night for a week so that you TRAIN your BRAIN to the beats. At the time you fall asleep your brain is at neutral (sort of), and binaural beats sink in better. Later, at the first beat of any HIT your brain will immediately go to the pleasure zone!

Because we love you :-) and because we feel that it is better to ALWAYS listen to a complete HIT. So if you only have half an hour to revise your notes before an exam, put on CONCENTRATE 32 minutes and get the full power of the HIT, you’ll be happy you did when the result show up!

Not only you can but you should, the more you use our HITs the better will be your concentration and creativity. At school, at work, while composing music or a big play, this is a magic secret that will take you places

you never knew existed!

Unlike some other company that sells $200 doses, we know and respect our Tribe, we are part of it so since all HITs cost almost the same to create and produce,  we priced them just right, and we love EIGHTs,
there’s a lot more to the number 8 then appears  ;-)

You betcha! We are Creative Commons CC, so we encourage sharing the right way, between friends and with intact files. We respect and love you guys… and girls! Just be sure to give them proper instructions and

if they have any questions, just tell them to come and talk to me!

But of course, we answer all mail, take in all suggestions, and are preparing new tools to amaze you! Again just use the TALK TO US button on the site.

Well yes they can be, if you have nothing else, but really the better the headphones and the better you will receive the binaural beats. Covering your ears in a coushy comfort is way better. But the technology will go through any stereo pair of headphones. Be sure all settings are on STEREO… but who ever listens to mono any more lol.

Yep, and some are made for sharing… with that significant other ;-) Use a long cable with a splitter at the end to give you ample movement liberty and just enjoy! Be carefull of the loud yelling while under 0.ô Orgasmic Trans.

Quite the countrary in fact. The more you use our HITs the better they become, or more to the point;
the better YOU become at creating the effects you want and look for!

Please do, there are no limit to the number of times you can listen to it, the MP3 won’t wear down lol. Actually we always say, the more you listen to a HIT the BETTER it becomes, so endulge yourself and enjoy the ride!

Well yes it seems that some scientific papers mention that a person afflicted with epilepsy may feel some unwanted reactions. The synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain may provoque a headache, light nausea up to a crisis, but to this day we at Hex-Hit have never had a single case. Be sure we will post any information we have as soon as we have it, we do not play with your well being.

Cool you asked, I’m always answering any question you can throw at me from the TALK TO US page on the site or if you see me logged in on Skype : Hex-Hit I’ll be happy to chat :-)

Woooa that is an open ended question, more options on the site, new HITs, we have over thirty in developpment, new tools and of course as soon as we get a large enough Tribe of users willing to embark with us on the research part of the business, we will initiate the largest crowd driven discoveries in the BINAURAL BRAINWAVE on the planet!
Find a little more here : HexoScience